AkzoNobel introduces new COILTEC® range of chromate-free coil primers

Innovative range meets new Chinese regulations restricting the use of chromate in primers

AkzoNobel has introduced a new range of chromate-free primers to provide greater reassurance and continuity for Chinese steel companies, while maintaining the highest levels of product performance.

The COILTEC CF primer range enables Chinese steel companies to comply with upcoming regulatory changes that restrict the use of hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) pigments commonly found in traditional high performance primers. At the same time, the new chromate-free products deliver the exceptional level of effective, long-term protection for which AkzoNobel primers are known.

COILTEC CF6500 is a high-performance chromate-free primer that delivers long-term and effective protection. It can be used universally with a range of topcoats, giving specifiers freedom to choose, while offering unsurpassed performance and premium corrosion resistance.

COILTEC CF1010 chromate-free primer is specially formulated with a balanced combination of advanced raw materials. It is ideal for use with a polyester topcoat such as FLEXIDURE® and provides excellent flexibility performance.

“Our COILTEC chromate-free primers are a safer and more sustainable alternative to chromated primers. Test results over the last 20 years demonstrate that our CF primer line can perform as strong as primers containing chromate, enabling our Chinese customers to provide high quality protection, while complying with the new regulations on the use of chromated pigments,” said Kaj Van Alem, Regional Commercial Director Metal, Asia Pacific, at AkzoNobel.

Changes to Chinese regulations on chromated primers

Cr(VI) pigments, such as strontium chromate, are used in a variety of primers due to their highly effective anti-corrosive properties and versatility among different resin systems. However, there have been gradual moves recently to restrict their use due to environmental and health concerns. Limits were imposed in the EU in 2019, while the World Health Organization and US Environmental Protection Agency have placed limits on the acceptable amount of chromium in drinking water.

In China, changes to Chinese regulations (Standard GB 30981-2020) will come into effect on January 1, 2022, to limit the level of Cr(VI) that can be used on industrial protection coatings to a maximum of 1000mg/Kg.​

AkzoNobel’s new COILTEC range of chromate-free primers fully complies with these new regulations.

Wide-ranging compatibility

COILTEC CF primers combine AkzoNobel’s advanced resin chemistry expertise with the latest generation of anticorrosive pigment technology for long-term protection. Easy to apply with no production adaptations needed - they are formulated to meet the specific performance needs of applications in the construction industry including roofs, walls, rolling shutters, doors and windows, and suspended ceilings.

The COILTEC CF line of primers is suitable for conventional substrates, pre-treatment and coating systems. They are fully compatible with existing AkzoNobel backers and topcoats, including the FLEXIDURE®, POLYDURE®, SILKSTAR® and TRINAR® coatings systems, delivering the same high performance and enabling easy transition.

Track-record of innovation in sustainability

COILTEC CF primers are the latest in a long line of environmentally focused innovations from AkzoNobel in the building products industry, as part of its People, Planet, Paint sustainability strategy.

AkzoNobel was the first global coatings business to remove lead from coatings for building products, it introduced ‘Cool Chemistry’ formulation to deliver greater energy efficiency, and its products meet the standards for LEED, Energy Star and Living Building Challenge classifications.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at AkzoNobel. That’s why we are proud to deliver a new generation of chromate-free primers to the building products industry in China. Our new primers offer effective corrosion protection and are formulated without chrome, so it is safer for our employees, our customers and the environment,” said Bo Matzner, Product Marketing Director, Coil Coatings at AkzoNobel.

For more information on COILTEC chromate-free coatings, download the sell sheets:



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