Extrusion Coatings

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and the best service available to the architectural aluminum extrusion industry. We have a complete range of products that will make your next project stand out, no matter what AAMA spec you require.


Our TRINAR® family of coatings is the perfect product range for the AAMA 2605 Superior Performance specification. TRINAR is ideal for the monumental project as well as any residential or low rise project that requires lasting durability and beauty. Choose from TRINAR for two coat solid colors; TRI-Escent® II for two coat mica colors; and TRINAR TEC and TMC for exotic and metallic colors.


CERAM-A-STAR® E is a proven, durable product for aluminum extrusion applications. Its unique resin system gives it superior hardness and mar resistance over other AAMA 2604 products. CERAM-A-STAR E is available in a full gloss range with custom color options available for order. With chalk and fade performance comparable to AAMA 2605 standards, CERAM-A-STAR E performs at the top end of the AAMA 2604 specification.


ACRA-BOND® ULTRA is our answer for the AAMA 2603 Pigmented Organic Coatings specification. This workhorse acrylic system provides hardness for less mar while being flexible for the best in post-painting fabrication. From the interior of a monumental project to the residential window, this system far exceeds the one-year AAMA 2603 weathering specification.

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