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ALUM-A-DURE® - One-Coat System for Aluminum Substrates

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ALUM-A-DURE technology is a coil coating system designed specifically for aluminum substrates. Specially formulated to be one-coat systems (or painted over a primer layer for extra corrosion performance) this product offers a balance between performance and economics.

ALUM-A-DURE offers a coating film displaying excellent smoothness, depth of image and easy-clean surface. This exceptional coating also combines a balance between good hardness and flexibility while maintaining resistance to dirt and staining. ALUM-A-DURE coatings can be used over aluminum substrates for applications such as truck trailers, lighting fixture, screen frames and more.

ALUM-A-DURE coatings are supplied in various formulations to meet a variety of needs: 
• ALUM-A-DURE P (Polyester) – engineered from AkzoNobel’s proprietary polyester resin, this system provides robustness and economics
• ALUM-A-DURE SF (Screen Frame) – modified polyester system providing additional flexibility and formability
• ALUM-A-DURE A (Acrylic) – acrylic backbone providing exceptional film toughness

ALUM-A-DURE is approved for use as a one-coat system over aluminum substrate. ALUM-A-DURE is a factory-applied finish that is applied through roll coating to properly cleaned and pre-treated, first-quality substrate, and then oven baked to cure.

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