Instant access to our products and colors

Coil Canopy is a mobile app which makes it easy to find the perfect coating for pre-painted metal application.

Canopy aims to enable the highest level of service to our customers by providing access to information and tools that revolutionize the way they interact with us.

It simplifies the color selection process, gives customers the ability to search AkzoNobel’s extensive database of products, and includes other helpful tools such as calculators and a document library.


To install the Canopy app, please open this website on your smart phone or tablet and click here.  Alternatively, visit the App Store. Use the search function and type Canopy AkzoNobel. Click the “Install” button to start the installation process.  

For more information on Canopy, please view our video.  


NEW! Color tab: focuses on exploring and visualizing colors, as well as simplifying the color selection process 

NEW! Visualization page: allows you to change the color of an image so you can determine which color looks best

Color Search function: demonstrates the closest color in our portfolio to the color you need.