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About coil coatings

Coil coatings are all around us. Coloring the surfaces in and around our homes and buildings, they’re an integral part of our everyday lives. And that means they should not only endure but thrive within the most diverse conditions.

Proudly shaping surfaces

At AkzoNobel, we’re proud that our coil coatings are shaping surfaces all around us, from domestic appliances to transportation and construction. Our extensive range of solutions can meet every challenge, providing durable protection and enduring visual appeal across diverse conditions.

Being part of the AkzoNobel family means having direct access to research and development operations, cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive support networks. With over 200 years of hands-on experience, we don't just provide coatings; we're here to support you, ensuring your projects – and reputation – prosper.

As your partner, we’re more than just a supplier. Drawing from our extensive background in the field, we understand both the nuances of coating specifications and the unique demands of diverse situations. Our team of professionals supports you in navigating challenges, streamlining processes, and achieving optimal outcomes – elevating your projects every step of the way.

Our Research and Development team harnesses cutting-edge technology to proactively reduce waste, improve curing efficiency, and scrutinize and refine ingredients. With a distinct target of amplifying revenue through sustainable solutions, we're not just embracing change; we're leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

We are committed to driving our industry forward, embracing sustainability as a guiding principle for our in-house innovations. It’s how we contribute to a dynamic future, with coatings that are consistently inspired by and made for life.

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