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Discover more behind one door

Our leading products are equally matched by service that drives your business.  Discover the benefits you can find behind one door:

• Tailored products – high quality coatings that stand the test of time to ensure premium performance for your projects
• Leading services – protecting your projects and your reputation.  We apply our expertise so you can apply the perfect coating
• Lasting partnerships – we build trusted partnerships with our customers to deliver the best results, every time

Our portfolio of POLYDURE coatings provides a high quality, premium appearance to protect your brand and projects.  Ideal for many types of residential garage, commercial track, and rolling steel doors, POLYDURE provides trouble-free application, combined with a consistent, smooth film. 

POLYDURE® N D2000 – standard hybrid coating

Optimized coating provides scratch and abrasion resistance with built-in flexibility.  Primarily for the track door segment.

• Combines leading performance with premium appearance
• Exceptional performance during fabrication & transport
• Decreases processing time


POLYDURE® N D2020 – maximum flexible coating

Flexible coating improves production throughput and lowers reject rates. Primarily for the track door segment. 

• Increases forming, bending and embossing flexibility
• Improves confidence to increase production efficiency


POLYDURE® N D2030 – tough and rigid coating

Maximum scratch, abrasion and wear resistance that stands strong.  Primarily for the rolling steel door segment.

• Durable in rolling, transport and even during constant door opening and closing (cycles)
• Low surface tension results in a quieter door when in use

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