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POLYDURE® Coating : High quality polyester system with true versatility

POLYDURE® Coating: High-Quality Polyester System with True Versatility

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Spec POLYDURE for a high-quality polyester paint system that outperforms in countless applications. POLYDURE can be found in a wide range of different end uses, from economical building products to appliances and steel doors. This variety is possible due to the workhorse polyester resin system used in POLYDURE.

The strength of our proprietary resin system provides the robustness and economics needed to make this a truly versatile product family, with versions available for many applications. Couple that with the ability to tailor primer and backer combinations specific to the end use, and POLYDURE provides a wide range of solutions.

Each version of POLYDURE is formulated to provide:
• Smooth, fast and trouble-free application
• Excellent forming properties
• Consistent batch-to-batch predictability
• Broad range of color and gloss availability
• Durability to match the end use

The specifications may vary with the differing markets, but the versatility of the proprietary core polyesters allows our chemists to produce very strong products that satisfy unique specifications.

POLYDURE for building products

POLYDURE 500 and POLYDURE 1000 are economical yet reliable coatings for building products, formulated from a variety of proprietary special use resins. They are designed to balance cost and performance for a variety of prefabricated metal products, for both exterior and interior uses. POLYDURE coatings for building products can be found in a variety of exterior applications, from building components to commercial and residential HVAC units to sign blanks. Interior applications include lighting fixtures, ceiling grids and office furniture, to name a few.

POLYDURE’s versatility in product end use is only rivaled by its ability to be applied to a broad range of substrates. POLYDURE is designed to work together with specific primers and backers as a system. Primers and backers can be customized to address such needs as foam adhesion or minimizing transit abrasion. This results in a total system that provides a balance of performance and economics.

Leading polyester topcoat system for steel doors 

Each steel door project is unique. That's why we offer a full portfolio of options tailored specifically for the rigors of steel door applications.

POLYDURE is the leading proprietary resin technology specifically tailored to the needs of the steel door market. Ideal for many types of commercial and residential doors, POLYDURE provides trouble-free application, combined with a consistent, smooth film.

Our portfolio of POLYDURE coatings provides a high quality premium appearance to protect your brand and projects for increased end user satisfaction. POLYDURE for steel doors excels when combined with a leading primer and backer as part of a system. Our full portfolio is also backed by our proven warranty and customer service for peace of mind.

For more information, check out our Steel Doors page or this video: 

POLYDURE for appliances

Formulated for a wide variety of end uses, POLYDURE appliance coatings are an excellent choice for exterior wrappers and interior parts of dishwashers, washers and dryers, stoves, ranges, and both commercial and residential refrigeration. POLYDURE is capable of meeting the rigorous industry anti-staining requirements, from grease and detergent to lemon and grape juice.

Our POLYDURE appliance coatings family provides manufacturers access to different textures, pearlescent colors, stainless steel appearances and new trends. As a total system, the POLYDURE topcoat is combined with end-use-specific primers and backers. This system produces a tough, flexible, strongly bonded finish able to withstand the demands of metal forming, leveling, stamping, punching and embossing.

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